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Putian City, Long Yuxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co., Ltd. established in southeastern mainland China only sales and service center.

Taki Japan Ze (TAKISAWA) was established in 1922, is a very professional manufacturer of CNC lathes, CNC lathes in Japan is the first release by the Takizawa, turning areas in a very professional and has its own unique technology.

Taiwan Takimoto Ze (TAKISAWA) Takizawa from Japan, the company was established in 1972, overseas-owned subsidiary of the Japanese TAKISAWA OEM factory, the quality of their products according to Japanese standards for production management, quality and exactly the same factory in Japan. With nearly 40 years of vigorous development and continuous innovation to flourish and innovation, more Takizawa's tenacious exploration and tenacious struggle,product marketing around the world, to win customers an excellent reputation.

Fujian Putian City, Long Yuxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. Taiwan Takimoto Ze professional sales and after-sales service warranty CNC lathe. CNC lathe is currently shipping about 150 or so per year, the total number of 22 service centers, 10 maintenance team, financial one, purchase one, back 1, 2 drivers, business six, pre-service one.

The company takes Takisawa lathe maintenance, overhaul, refurbishment and other services, throughout the year warranty. Our service engineers have many years of maintenance experience, highly skilled, customer technical support, training, teaching, technology supporting considerable ability, by the customer's support and trust! Taiwan Takisawa Technology in the development of the world, we will be first-class product quality and excellent service and warranty services for you remove the worries, please accept our cooperation, we will be at your service!

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