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Customer Service/ 客户服务
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Dear Taki Ze CNC lathe users:

Putian City, Long Yuxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. Thank you for choosing Takisawa lathe and our services to ensure customer's normal use, maintain user interest, our company will sell the machines from the cross-machine introduced full-service date tracking and management, want to get your support and supervision.

Service concept: "The technology for quality, to the quality reputation"

Service: 24 hours service in place is our consistent aim.

First, pre-security system

1, Division I professional engineering and technical personnel, customers according to their processing needs, the associated processing feedback our company, our company can make products according to customers' precise positioning, customers can select the machine and make improvements in processing technology rationalization proposals.

2, strict control of the business class and timely control of the client machine schedule, timely and customer communication, in strict accordance with the contract date set by the client on time machine installed in place.

3, Taiwan Takisawa all products shipped prior to rigorous quality control procedures, all of the test are detailed in the accuracy test report in reaction to ensure one hundred percent passing rate of the factory product.

Second, service quality assurance system

1, the cross-machine company when I send the Commissioner responsible for installation and commissioning work.

2, free training for customers and operators of CNC lathe programming.

3, the customer may at any time operation problems, our technicians provide technical support free of charge.

4, regular visits, limited maintenance.

5 year mechanical warranty, controller for two years warranty and lifetime maintenance.

6, the establishment of after-sales service hotline and fax.

7, in case of equipment failure or need further assistance, the company provides free technical assistance, as appropriate, paid services outside the warranty period.

Third, the company "Taki Ze" brand of powerful technical strength to do back-up to our professional and efficient service concept to do to ensure our services will allow you to choose never to worry about.

Service Hotline :0594 -62,795,186,228,518 Fax :0594 -7588686

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